Technology has transformed education. As we are fully in the digital age, we need to teach students to become digitally literate, and content creators, not merely users. As so many technology tools for managing learning come onto the scene, I'm trying to pilot such tools for transforming classroom learning. These are all tools I've used with my students:

Online Discussion
Silk Slides- A slideshow can be uploaded to silk slides and visitors can comment right beneath the slides. After a show is created, simply direct users to the URL. No username required.
Wall Wisher- Wall wisher is a digital space for discussions. Users can create a "wall" where their digital discussion can take place. After a show is created, simply direct users to the URL. No username required.
Google Apps-Google is the cornerstone of my tech resources. With docs, forms, speadsheets and a host of other tools, it really makes the case for "the cloud". 
Voice Thread-This takes a video and collects a series of discussions around it. Super cool!
Today's Meet-Quick and easy chat room made public with a URL. 

Wikis-Collaborative Work Spaces
PB Works-I currently manage a wiki for online science collaboration through PB works. For quick interactions, it's very easy to navigate.
Wikispaces-I've done a number of workshops where the organizer has their resources on a "wikispaces" wiki. Very user friendly.
Trello-Great tool for managing many projects at once

Web Research Tools
instaGrok-A search on instaGrok produces not only images and websites, but quizzes, statistics.
Spezify- Search engine that is not biased by your search history.
Mindmapping Tools: Popplet, PearlTrees and SpicyNodes blur the line between research and a beautiful creation. with Google drive and allows you to take notes on youtube, Khan academy videos.

Online Publishing
Paper Li-Looking to start an online newspaper? Check this out.
Scribd-A place to upload documents for reading. Embedding them in full screen mode is a nice touch.
Slideshare -Upload a slideshow for public viewing.
Edcanvas-Content amalgamation tool for bringing multiple presentations into a nice display. 

Content Management/Organizational Platforms
Moodle-Our school uses moodle. All teacher have assignments and resources there for one easy to check-in place.
Edmodo-Teachers can create classes and use the site for discussion with other teaching professionals.

Online Gradebooks
Edline-I used this from 2006-2009. At the time, grades were not real time and needed to be uploaded every so often.
Powerschool-I really like this format. Grades are in real time with a lot of other links about demographics and standings in other classes.

Content Creation
Glogster-Turns a bunch of online media into an online poster.
Videopad- Super easy video formatting. Takes video clips and splices them together with transitions and cover slides.

Wordpress-I have my classroom blog on wordpress but struggle with the widgets and picture formatting. I like the themes more than blogger.
Blogger-My professional and parent blog is on blogger. Not many themes, but nice and easy interface with statistics too.
Twitter-Microblogging takes off.

Other Cool Tools
Zoom it-Zooming tool to upload to your desktop. Allows for instant zooming and
Diigo-Allows you to bookmark and save favorite websites, highlights or articles in one easy place.
Socrative Teacher-Like google forms, you can create questions at the beginning or end of a lesson.
Blubbr: Turn any youtube video into an embeddable quiz. 


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