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Starting a Classroom Blog with Blogger

My students in the design classroom are on a roll with 'Blogger' as our classroom blog for writing warm ups and also a place to share ideas and interact with each other online.  Image courtesy of Creative Commons I've written a lot about blogging over the years. A classroom blog has numerous applications such as providing a platform for students to share their writing with a larger audience, practice digital citizenship and also create learning networks with their peers, potentially across different classrooms. I have used 'Wordpress' and 'Blogger' blogs have found both have their merits.  "If we are proponents of teaching writing, why does there seem to be so little authentic writing happening in so many classrooms?" As schools teach reading and writing skills, I have been fortunate to visit a number of classrooms with teachers and administrators and we often ask ourselves, " If we are proponents of teaching writing, why does there seem to be

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