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Here Come the Drones

My after school 'Techsperts' club has been learning about drones. It's inescapable that we are in the early stages of living with drones in our everyday lives. From packages being delivered from Amazon, modern warfare, and recreational use, the public has adapted to that familiar 'bee-hive' like buzz at sporting events, beaches, and popular tourist sites. The wide shots that they provide at 4K are exceptional and I've used them for marketing footage at my school for a variety of projects. It's inevitable that we'll look up the skies in the coming years and see a denser and denser swarm of autonomous bots delivering and returning items, and even monitoring crops as an extension of our workflow to enhance productivity on the ground. This opening tracking shot I did with the drone is 'almost' Nat Geo worthy. Others don't share that sentiment. More and more, drones are being denied flight time at monuments, airports (for obvio

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