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Rethinking Professional Development at Your School Post Pandemic

  Coming out of a global pandemic has been a welcome relief for everyone. But for many, it’s changed teaching and learning forever. Will professional development ever be the same? This post first appeared on AMISA's blog on June 13th, 2020 “I really changed as a teacher. This has forever altered the way I’ll teach my subject matter and I’ve been a seasoned educator for seventeen years!” a teacher exclaimed as she presented her work last week at our ‘show and share’ as a result of a three month series of sprint courses offered by Global Online Academy and delivered through the AMISA and Tri Association organizations. The event was a beautiful culmination comprising 13 schools across Latin America involving over 200 educators who were dedicated to improving their teaching practice by rethinking gradebook practices, developing non-linear curriculum, building portfolios of learning and creating exhibitions of learning just to name a few of the learning opportunities. The cohort approa

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