Designing Formative Assessments with Google Forms

Use Google Forms as an assessment tool and some of the script analyzers from the script gallery.
Google forms are a simple tool to collect survey data but also design assessments. They can be modified to serve as an entry or exit interview depending on your lesson goals.

Part 1 will be an overview of Google Forms and their applications.
Part 2 will be matching assessments to your particular practice in order to measure student learning.
Part 3 will give participants the chance to design a sample assessment that can be completed by workshop participants.
Part 4 will give some tools for analyzing and collating data.

All participants should have a google drive which allows them the ability to create a Google form. If you do not have access to Google Apps, and you are still interested in participating, you will have the opportunity to partner with another participant who works in your particular division or grade level.
Workshop comments from the Vietnam Tech Conference, March 2013

10 Tips and Tricks for Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom

Formative assessments can take many forms. In this workshop we look at some methodical and spontaneous ways to check for understanding in the math classroom.

Participants will be briefed on a number of assessment methods to pilot in their classroom. Afterwards, they will practice using them with other groups of workshop participants.

Building Your Classroom Blog

A classroom blog is a wonderful teaching portfolio, although many well meaning teachers start a classroom blog and then abandon it after a few months. We'll look at a variety of classroom blogs that you might consider using to document learning that happens in your classroom.

 This workshop will consist of two parts: the first being content and information that you might consider using on your classrooom blog, and the second part being ways that you can "network" your blog to get others involved such as parents, students and trade professionals.

  • Gave me ideas on how to use in my Health class
  • Great resources and exemplars for using classroom blogs for instruction and student learning. Understand the bigger picture of the use of blogs. 
  • Gave me some knowledge of "what's blog?" 
  • Got good references 
  • Got some tips for organizing/working with my own blog (in future)


For any teacher or administrator that routinely uses Google Docs with their students or staff, Doctopus is a file management system that increases your efficiency by streamlining the experience of locating and naming files, giving personalized feedback and communicating with your students and staff about projects and assignments.

In this session, participants will take the role of "students" and experience how the doctopus script can manage your workflow through i's many features. Features of doctopus that will be covered are:
  • How to send personalized feedback to students based on merge fields
  • Embargoing documents for grading
  • Creating different sharing settings for individuals or project grouping
  • Embedding rubrics
  • Data analysis of rubric categories
  • Using spreadsheets to save time personalizing feedback
  • I think that this can really help me be more effective, especially in providing quick feedback.
  • Doctopus and Goobric look like great tools to help manage student content and feedback delivery. I plan to look into them more over the summer so I'm prepared to begin using them at the beginning of next year.
  • How to organize my classes more efficiently in Google drive and ways to have all my comments etc. more readily accessible in one location. Great time-saving and organisational tool.
  • Doctopus is an amazing tool that will make sharing, grading, and giving feedback more efficient.

Scripts for Teachers

Scripts  are powerful tools that allow teachers a better way of file management under the Google app network. 

In this session, teachers will see examples of how specific scripts can save time with grading and file location and have time to explore script features for their own practice. For this session, it is essential that participants all have a Google account and access to Google drive. Basic understanding of Google drive, notably spreadsheets and documents.


  • These are such powerful tools that make grading and assessment easier and more insightful!
  • I can't wait to try Flubaroo and Doctopus. 

Mapping Our World

Maps are an exciting way to explore our world. We typically think that maps are used by Geography and Social Studies teachers, but maps can be a versatile and interesting tool in any subject.

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Populate maps with real time spreadsheet data 
  • Take a trip around the world, made real with videos and pictures
  • Create "crowd sourced" maps on a fictitious disaster
  • Overlay layers of current events for data analysis
  • I didn't know you can add spreadsheet data to maps. So cool!
  • I can't wait to explore these applications in my class!
  • Never did I think that maps could connect us in any subject!

Building your PLN Through Twitter


Google Mapping in Any Subject

This presentation is one I did for the entire staff of Canadian International School as part of an in-service day. In this whole-school session, multiple mapping options were explained and than staff focused in on



  • The World Wonders project was an excellent tool for showing French videos to my students, taking virtual tours of places around the world to teach French culture, and using paintings to facilitate descriptive writing in my classroom. 
  • Simple tools to help student success while reducing the workload of the teacher. Thank you! 
  • Collaborative mapping, just the fact that maps can be used in so many different ways and so many different age groups.
  • Becoming more confident adding multimedia applications to a website.

50 Rockstar Chrome Apps and Extensions in 60 Minutes

This was my presentation for the Vietnam Tech Conference in March 2015. It went over really well. Chrome apps and extensions are ways to customize your browser and add to its functionality. 

Participants will be given a link to the presentation and then be shown 6-7 apps/extensions in detail. After this, participants will have the opportunity to explore ways to customize their browser to their teaching practice in a way that will help student learning.

  • I didn't know these were even out there! I thought I could only save bookmarks to my tool bar. 
  • So inspiring. I can't wait to explore these!
  • I have a large number of ESL students in my classroom. I think that these will come in so handy to help them with online texts!