Keynote Address: Qatar Google Apps Summit

Whole School Weekend Workshops

I have developed a robust set of resources and activities to make manifest initiatives at schools. These are hands-on, research based means to develop pedagogy with technology infusion. In order to go deep into the following topics, create staff buy in, read current literature, I recommend that the following workshops are 1.5 days in duration. 
  • "Deploying Google Apps at Your School"
  • "Google Educator Bootcamp-Level 1 and 3"
  • "Standards Based Teaching and Learning"
  • "Design Thinking in Education"
  • "Reinventing Science Education with Google Apps"
  • "Project Based Learning-Examples and Practice" 
Social Media in the Digital Age: Problems and Soluions

1 Hour Workshops

One hour workshops are more manageable in terms of time and are more succinct in their delivery. Because of this, the following topics are one hour in duration and will leave participant with take-aways that they can implement in their practice rather than whole school initiatives.
  • "Digital Portfolios-Research, Fact, Fiction and Deployment"
    • Wordpress
    • Blogger
    • Wix
    • Weebly
  • "Chrome Apps and Extensions" 
  • "Tools for the Flipped Classroom"
  • "Collaborative Discussion through Close Reading and NewsELA" 
  • "Formative Assessment in the Digital Age" 
  • "10 Tips and Tricks for Formative Assessment in the Math Classroom"
  • "Building your Professional Learning Network with Twitter"
  • "Building your Classroom Blog" 
  • "Adds on for Workflow Efficiency"
  • "Expeditions-VR in Reality"
  • "Mapping our World with Google Maps"
  • "Add ons for Assessment-Flubaroo and Superquiz" 


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