Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Drawings as Graphic Organizers-Limitless Possibilities!

I'm astounded at the ways that Google Apps can transform educational products. In science, we had a huge engineering initiative and are learning about space after the holiday. So, I thought the movie "October Sky" would be an appropriate movie and segue into our space unit after the Christmas holiday. Still, I wanted students to write about the story line and transformed a "Story Line Template" from "Building Reading Comprehension Habits in Grade 6-12: A Toolkit for Classroom Activities" by Jeff Zwiers into the following:

I instructed my students and make a copy, after which I had them complete the story line and if extra time was available, customize the story with a theme of their choosing. See how some students went above and beyond!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Provide Mastery Learning through Data Validation and Google Forms

I'm working my way through my level 2 educator course and every module has a formative assessment afterwards. The assessments are usually 3-4 questions and if you get a question wrong, Google wants you to know, and know what the "correct" answers are. Why not do the same with our students?

Enter Data Validation
With a google form, you can select the 3 bullets at the bottom of a question and select "data validation" with this and indicate that an open-ended or text response matches what has been entered in the validation. What this means is that if a student has an incorrect answer, the form will not allow them to move on until their answer is correct. This has enormous potential with key concepts and spelling of key vocabulary. Here is a quick tutorial:

There is a downside with this. Too many questions of this nature may frustrate students as they can't submit the form until is 100% perfect so I recommend doing this sparingly with only a few key questions.

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