Thursday, 2 February 2017

Google Forms for Formative Assessment

This is a quick tutorial of how to use Google forms for formative assessment by directing students to sections to review if they get a question "wrong".

I like this more than a Flubaroo form submit trigger as it gives students chances to work towards mastery and not just settle for what they answered.

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Social Media in the Digital Age: Problems and Solutions

This is my presentation on social media at the AISA conference from February 3rd to 4th.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Hangouts on Air

We've been exploring "micro PD" at our school lately. With busy schedules, and so much time being devoted to this or that, offering professional development that jives with everyone's schedule has become a new priority. Badges, and micro-credentialing has gotten traction, but with tight times, conference calls have become more and more popular as our buildings are far away.

The live streaming dashboard in Youtube.

Enter Hangouts on Air. The benefit is that a hangout can be live streamed so multiple people can weigh in on a topic. Simply go to "Youtube", sign into your account and scroll down to "video manager" and live streaming.

I've done: "Live Event" although you can schedule these through communities such as twitter and Google + to invite multiple people in. Once done, people can join the discussion and the video is uploaded to youtube for later reference.