Google Presentations

Google presentations are a fantastic presentation tool and I think are becoming a much easier way to make and deliver presentations. I don't always use a slideshow, but when I do, I like to interspurse them with activities and questions that I want students to hypothesize about and investigate. Take this slide on a trilobite:

Question prompts with the ability to comment offer accessibility to all students, not merely the confident ones.
I could have put all the information up there, but I wanted more of an inquiry based activity, where students would research this animal by it's description and use our comments to share their work with others. Here's what they found out:

The commenting option of google presentations allows students to watch media but add to it's information.

What makes Google presentations such a snap is that you can publish them which creates an immediate URL link and embed code it you want to embed it on your blog. If you don't use google apps in your classroom, there are some other tools out there that allow for web 2.0 discussions on presentations, notably voicethread and silkslides.

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