Videopad is a great video editing software for making media for the novice or advanced movie maker. With so much content being available online, having a somewhat decent video rather than a long continuous filming session may invite more viewers and keep their attention.

The Videopad Dashboard.

When uploading all your videos, there is an immediate archive and notification if whether the uploaded videos have been included in the current timeline.

The media list shows duration of raw clips and whether it's been added

When working with multiple soundtracks, there is a nice timeline that shows how you might have some soundtracks overlapping one another. Videopad allows you to "unlink" sound to video so you can have a narration in place of the recorded sound while filming. See an example here.

Multiple soundtracks can be muted, cut and overlapped for stylistic effect
I've really got into making movies in the last year and I've come to enjoy it. At any one time I'll have 2-4 movies in various stages of production on my desktop that I make showcasing student activities, diving trips or social shindigs. My youtube channel has steadily grown and although I am no where near an expert level, I feel that I've come to make some reasonable quality videos with this tool.

Some Recent Movies of Mine Made with Videopad
Our SSIS-A day in our lives as teachers
Diving Palau Weh, Indonesia
Week Without Walls- Middle School Field Trip


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