Test Flipped Content with TED Ed

I've been exploring new tools for the flipped classroom and my wife directed me to TED's you tube flipping tool. See an example here, although you may have to login to get an account.

Getting Started
After creating an account, the TED site will take you to the following page:

The first steps in created a mini-lesson around web content.
Creating Lessons
From the following, it asks the user to find a video, select it, and then create a mini-lesson around it with a few questions that can be open-ended or mutiple choice. After a few minutes, I was brought to this page:

Teachers can assign a video, and provide question prompts as indicated on the right.
What is nice is that students have steps that guide them through the process. When they come to class, they have some prior knowledge before starting in-class activities. Pretty cool!

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