3 Great Resources for Common Core

I have mixed feelings about common core. Despite this, a fellow co-worker of mine turned me onto three great resources that I have to share.

The Text Project-The text project is a must for any language arts teacher or any teachers that are teaching literacy. A visit to the site brings up student and teacher resources, and professional development opportunities. There is a great list of tools and also research supporting many of the instructional practices.

Achieve the Core- Achieve the core is primarily for EAL/literacy and mathematics teachers. Simply indicate which subject and grade level resources that you're looking for and it brings you to a nice interface of lessons, big picture ideas and a year at the glance for long term planning. Having only literacy and math is a bit limiting to many teachers, but it has a nice platform.

The Teaching Channel-Videos for teachers and students. What's really nice about the teaching channel is that you can subscribe to not only videos in your content area but also addresses issues with pedagogy. There is a forum to post questions and a developing community of teachers that are eager to share.

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