What's Your Reader?

The other night someone asked what do we use to curate and consume media online in order to become better at our practice. For fun, I'd share mine along with frequency and use.

What: Flipboard App for the Ipad
How: Curates information from twitter, news, flipboard pics, news.
When: At home on the couch or perhaps in bed falling asleep, usually on a daily basis. Great for lazy wake-ups on Sunday morning.
Why: Flipboard is my aggregated newspaper. I typically don't interact with the articles other than to re tweet on twitter. When I want to chill out and learn about the world while relaxing, Flipboard is my 'go-to'.

What: Tweetdeck Chrome Extension
How: Pulls tweets from people I'm following and also through hashtags that are interesting to me. I like #eduwin and #steallikeanartist at the moment.
When: I check tweetdeck two to three times a week, but tweet articles from flipboard or other sources to twitter once or twice a day. Tweetdeck is well organized and I like the columns to organize new posts and interactions with online friends.
Why: It's a personalized community and you easily meet strangers.

What: Google + Communities
How: Directs RSS feeds and posts from blogger and other sources to a "facebook type" of interface where people are sharing blog posts and other items of interest.
When: I check into Google + almost daily. It's my facebook but for professional use.
Why: I think that Google + has the most helpful community of educators. I've asked for help on Twitter a number of times but don't generally get a response. Google + has helped me get in contact with others that have helped me troubleshoot technical issues with Google Apps.

What: Facebook
How: Posts from friends or status updates of humdrum happenings!
When: I went from using facebook daily to checking in roughly 1-3 times per month.
Why: Facebook has been the best for getting in touch with people from the old days. It's older than Google +, and more people are using it. I restrict my use of facebook to strictly personal and socializing purposes and never do "shop talk". If we go on a trip and friends want to see what we did, Facebook is where I create an album.

What: Feedly Chrome Extension
How: Sends RSS feeds to an aggregated place.
When: I read Feedly during the 20 minutes in the middle of the school day when we "drop everything and read".
Why: I've only started using Feedly this fall after Google reader when down in July. (So bummed!) Feedly gives me the feeds from from my favorite educational bloggers.

To readers out there: What is your reader of choice? 


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