The Power of G Class Folders

If there are any Google Apps "Add ons" to start the school year, a great one to start within the first week are G Class folders. G Class folders are folders that are automatically created for each student in your class (provided they have a Gmail domain name) and allows you to share documents easily with students and not have to worry if students have correctly named it and shared it with you. Here is the tutorial

After creating a class spreadsheet, go to the Add-on's tab and install "G Class Folders"
Notable Features
  • Creates folders for student that you can catalog student work for conferences later. 
  • Eliminates "digital dust" of students having shared filed with you in the "incoming" section of your google drive. 
  • Gives the teachers flexibility in sharing documents with the students. For instance, folders are created for a teacher view only, a folder for teacher and student editing, a whole class editing folder and a "view only mode". 
  • Catalogs what has been shared with students
G Class folders makes a drop down list of sub folders for your specific sections and students. 


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