The Gamification Chronicles: Combine Assessment, Review and Gaming with "Quizizz"

One of the favorite parts of my job is piloting new assessment tools with my students. My students, (like many others world wide) love to play games and compete with their peers. Gamification is a "buzzword" in education lately as we try to appeal to the competitive nature of students and tap into their learning modalities and interests. And who doesn't like to play games?

The quizizz game room enter porthole 
What makes quizizz so fun is that it has great applications as a formative assessment tool. Create an account here and then direct your students to the game room sign in to join. When you are in the admin console, you can create quizzes, but I like to browse public quizzes which many people use. You can duplicate these quizzes to add or take out questions.

Quizziz in Action!
When you start a game, you'll see who has entered your "room" and when everyone is there, you can start the game. Students get points on the correct answer, but you can also indicate if you want extra points given for the "speediness" of answers. Personally, I don't like this, as it causes students to rush through and not read carefully. If they get a question correct, they get points which is also followed by a funny meme. Answers populate into the teacher dashboard in real time and you'll see a breakdown of each question and whether it was a high frequency miss or not. 

In real time, each participant has a bar of completion with correct and incorrect answers.

After ending the game, you will see a list of frequently missed questions. Here, question #8 was frequently missed.

Comparing Quizizz and Kahoot!
Most people have heard of "Kahoot" instead of "Quizizz", so I'll compare the two. Kahoot is a teacher paced assessment tool, meaning that the students will answer one question at at time and the teacher will see the results after each question. I think this is much more effective as a study and review tool, because if you see the majority of the class missed a question, you can stop and re-teach. 

Quizizz is student paced and gives more options whether or not you want answers to be shown, memes and can be sent out as a link or assigned as homework. I think Quizizz has better as a lesson review or a multi-lesson review tool, and Kahot is better for diagnostic assessment and re-teaching. 

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