Analyze Class "Understanding" with Persuall

One of my favorite take aways of many from the Learning 2.0 conference in Vietnam was "Persuall" that is absolutely dynamite. It's a great Close Reading platform wherein a classroom teacher uploads a document and the students (who access the room with a code) comment on the text with their text based highlights visible to all.

Perusall in student view. 
What's cool though is that Persuall collects data on the comments and analyzes class understanding with an artificial intelligence algorithm that assesses class and individual understanding of the text.

Student can see comments from one another, Google Docs 2.0?

After a number of comments are collected, it generates a report to the classroom teacher which shows patterns of student learning and identifies paragraphs that are difficult to the class as a whole for remediation and reteaching.

The "Confusion Report" shows patterns of class understanding based on comment location. 


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