Integers and Absolute Value

We're rolling along in math. The first week has been mostly about procedures such as lesson format, how to remediate and seek help, get organized and access assignments. The students are learning my expectations and the response to the learning environment has been very positive.

My students are still adjusting to the concept of "flipped assignments". Whereas a traditional lesson might finish and ask students to take home an assignment, a flipped assignment is front-loaded so that when students come to class, they're more prepared and there is less teaching up front. Today's assignment that the students should have finished is as follows:

  1. Read page 14 and 15 under the heading: "Integers and Absolute Value"
  2. Write the following for each new vocabulary term. Integer-What is an integer? Can 2.5 be an integer? Additive Inverse-Write three sets of numbers that are additive inverses of each other. Opposite-Write down three sets of opposites that you know of. Examples: "Black and White are opposities. Mr. Johnston and ugly are opposities."Absolute Value: Write an example and a definition of this term.
  3. Draw a "less than" (<) and "greater than" (>) sign. What is a way of reminding you what each of them mean?
  4. Watch the videos from lesson 1.3 Examples 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  5. Reflect on this question: "What method do you prefer learning math? Through examples in the book or through watching videos?"
I'll start by debriefing this as a whole class activity this time (as opposed to small groups because I have a whole class activity that I'd like to do and I want to maximize my time with that) and following this, do a couple of "moving and shaking" activities to get the students moving around, interacting with each other and  applying what 'absolute value' of a number means. I have some laminated integers with their inverse opposite and through this, we'll be able to do the following;
  • Identify Additive Inverses
  • Order Integers from Least to Greatest
Following this, we'll have some time to do independent practice until the end of class. However, before students leave, they must apply a little creativity and write an expression that results with the answer "1" regardless of what you substitute in for it!

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