The Scientific Method-Variables, Control and Experimental Groups

The first investigation into the scientific method was great. Science is however a complex process, and instead of hitting all the elements of the S.M. and rendering students into a state of confusion, I decided to just let our first investigation focus on writing a hypothesis, a clear procedure and a conclusion based on observations.

Today's investigation was taking it to the next step. After introducing the question "Do shoes help you jump higher?" I'm hoping students will understand the need for an experimental and control group. Much as how when pharmaceutical companies trial a new drug, they must compare the data to a placebo group.

In addition to understanding control and experimental groups, I'm also hoping that students will get a better handle on variables. Which things should they keep the same, which should they change and what are they measuring. We will revisit these terms often, but I feel that spending the first two full lessons on the scientific method will be a good start into applying this procedure when we start exploring content.

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