It's been two years since I used "Edistorm" so I thought I'd revisit it to see if it's improved with any new features. Turns out it has. Big time.

Edistorm is one of the many web 2.0 tool that supports blended learning environments. Namely, being able to brainstorm online with others. What makes Edistorm so great is the huge list of graphic organizers that it allows users to upload and work on. After creating a 'storm' simple grab the URL and send it. The only downside is that users have to register.

In the case here, I wanted to activate prior knowledge with a KWL chart for my chemistry class. Rather than use the old school butcher paper, Edistorm allowed me to create an online forum similar to Google Docs/Drawings, or Wallwisher. It also allows the easy integration of video and images.

With any 2.0 tool, there is a signature for every single student. It's not just the brave or smart kids that raise their hands-everyone has a voice. With tools such as these, there is a record for each students individual inquiries and teachers know if they've met them.

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