Facing the Future

My first post of 2013. It's been nice to take some time of of writing but I'm excited to be back. All my classes gave an astounding round of applause yesterday and today so I think they're jazzed too. It's a good sign when middle schoolers are excited about being in the math and science classroom. Keep it up, I tell myself.

Despite being a geeky teacher with an emphasis on curriculum and assessment, I am a big advocate for service learning and environmental awareness. I recently came across "Facing the Future" which has a number of resources directed towards sustainability projects that can be implemented in local communities.

I've used a website called CIESE for collaborative projects and have done the international boiling point project for three years in a row now. Such projects allow students to share and communicate data and procedures with others which complements math and science with a little humanity.

We need to infuse learning with such values. If not, why study them at all?

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