Research Tool: Spezify

While exploring research tools as part of our tech class, I stumbledupon Spezify. I really digg it.

Spezify's start page has search items that are trending

Spezify's start page has searches that are trending[/caption] Spezify is a search engine that takes a topic of interest and turns the search results into a flipboard-ish result with videos, tweets, flickr images, and other websites. In the case below, I searched for "chemistry"

Search results are a compilation of tweets, images, and videos

A search result will bring up images, videos and other links in a flipboard format. Searching for information is being transformed by tools like Spezify and instagrok. Where teachers could simply say "look up _______" such tools make every web search a fresh, new experience. I think that by utilizing a variety of search tools, we give students the opportunity to explore, play, hang, and geek out.

If you're a teacher using such tools, consider trialing them ahead of time. In my search above, my querie on chemistry resulted in an image from "breaking bad"-probably not the sort of content that is appropriate for students.

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