Embed Quizzes Around Youtube Videos with Blubbr

Blubbr is a tool wherein you can search for a youtube video and create a quick quiz around it. The quizzes can be made pretty easily and serve as a formative assessments.

The Blubbr dashboard shows trivs you created and drafts.

The applications for this are fantastic, and as an educators, being able to design assessments around popular videos in our content areas is awesome! Click here to do a "triv" on solubility and concentration.

I have only used Blubbr once with my students and there were some issues. I'm still learning if these problems can be solved my me, or the developers at Blubbr. I think that if we can create a community of users that provide feedback, we can help them develop their product to meet our needs. So far the major issues that I've found:

1.) I linked up my first 5 question quiz to our platform and some students could do the entire quiz and some others did only 1 question and it said it was finished. Not sure if that is an issue related to the browser and flash player, bandwith or bugs.

2.) As it is free, there is no record of how each student did (unless of course they told me). Could teachers be given the opportunity to create class lists?

3.) There must be five questions. Couldn't there be less?

4.) Each question follows a 20 second maximum snippet of video. So, if you create a 5 question triv/quiz with 20 seconds of video beforehand, the quiz is then a shortened version of the entire video. For example, 5 x 20 second snippets of video are 1 minute and 40 seconds total so if you show a long video, huge sections will be cut out of the quiz. My solution to this was show the full version at the beginning of class, followed by class activities and then the triv at the end. Is it possible to have longer sections of video before the questions pop up?

Blubbr is great. To the folks at Blubbr: thanks for developing such a great tool and I hope that this is seen as constructive and feedback that makes your tool better.

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