Manage Science Projects With Trello

If you're looking for a way to manage many long term projects, Trello is a great tool. One of our teachers used them last year with her students and our administration has started to get the staff on Trello accounts to track. As part of our genius hour (20% time in science) for students to independently pursue questions and topics of interest, it was essential that I had a way to be able to check in as to the progress of various student's stages of work along with what is "next" for them. Our genius hour projects will span the entire year and some students may pursue one topic of interest during that time and some might investigate several.

The Trello Dashboard
After creating an account, the user creates a "board" which is a topic of interest, unit of study, or project to be completed. In my case, i created a board for each of my two science 7 classes and had them create a Trello account themselves. Once that had, after clicking on my board I could invite others by their username to participate in the project.

Trello's dashboard tell you which "boards" you have created.

Building Project Boards
After the students had created an account, it was a snap to add them to my board. Some of their projects were explaining how something worked or answering a curious question. They were able to outline their project and it became very clear who was doing what and what are the next steps.

Students give updates on the Trello board. They can outline their plans, identify resources.


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