Verses Youtube Webcam capture

One of my colleagues got a starter account for which is an online video capture tool. As I got some good learning activities and assessments in place last year, I wanted to explore more content creation this year with more of my own videos for flipped assignments. However, one thing I've always neglected about youtube is the fact that it allows you to record videos via your webcam which may be of use to the classroom teachers. I decided to put both to the test.
Present me has a nice interface and after creating an account, brings you to the dashboard which allows you to create a variety of slides, video, or combination thereof.'s Dashboard
After recording a video, the creator is given a URL link (I wish embed codes were generated initially but what can you do?) which they can make accessible to their students. I recorded this first video on the scientific method which addressed some of the big ideas of the week along with some essential questions for students to ponder before returning to the next class. When I went to the URL, I found that embed codes and sharing options were in fact given.

After being directed to a video, embed and other sharing options are available.

Youtube Webcam
I think many people don't realize that youtube allows you to record videos of yourself with the webcam feature. After hitting the "upload" button one of the options in addition to uploading a file is to record with the webcam like seen below:

Uploading a video on youtube allows you to record with the webcam as seen on the upper right.

I wrote a pretty viral post on last week that has a great capacity for taking notes which is compatible with youtube so if you want students to take notes on videos you create, this might be a nice option.

The Bottom Line
If you want your videos and discussions to be private, is a great tool. For educators concerned with safety and privacy of their classes, this might be the better option as users are directed back to the website and view the media within those confines. Present me is a little clunky with regards to accessing your content. You have to indicate which email you want it sent to, go check your inbox, paste in the link, and after going to the site, only then will you find embed codes.

I like youtube purely for the compatiblility of it with other applications and perhaps a touch of vanity as it allows me to build up my digital footprint of media that I have made as a teacher. If you don't want the trolls spoiling your fun, just disable your comments. I've heard that youtube has some occasional webcam issues that may be problematic, so trial both and see what works for you.


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