Check for Understanding with Infuse Learning

I've been blogging about formative assessment tools in the last few weeks, but I was saving the best for last. Infuse learning is a fantastic tool and is similar to "Socrative Teacher" where students go to a room, and participate in activities that teachers assign. The features are so large, I had to create separate tutorials that scaffold basic activities to more complex ones.

Part 1-Teacher and Student View, Standardized Responses
This first one takes you through the login process for both teachers and students and what real-time feedback looks like as students submit responses.

Part 2-Open Ended Response Data Type and Translations
This shares what data looks like that is subjective or open-ended. There are keywords that can be given as anchors but still, there are difficulties and challenges when trying to use this assessment type. Although the open-endedness may be desirable, it makes standardization difficult.

Part 3-Draw Response
This is really a nice feature and can be differentiated based on interest, readiness or can combined with other classmates for cooperative learning.

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