3 Essential Google Scripts for a Paperless Classroom

I've hit the ground running with a paperless classroom this semester. It was a little hard at first, but a few scripts have really saved me so much time. When we think about the phrase "file management", we probably don't think that's a very sexy PD session. However, when going paperless and working in the Google apps framework and managing hundreds of documents, forms and spreadsheets, "file management" becomes the name of the game for saving time.

Doctopus-Rather than having 200 students make a copy and share it with you with an improperly labelled title, doctopus automatically names and shares documents that you want to share with your students. Other great features of doctopus is that it allows to you to share a rubric and creates an easy framework for grading and emailing students feedback.

Autocrat-When I give a quiz through Google forms or give the students a survey, their results typically rest in my grade book. With autocrat, it takes spreadsheet data and allows the user to create an email to the respondents to give feedback with data fields merged into the document.

G Class Folders-These allows students to get organized and streamline the process of file storage. Having students decide where to put files and how to make folders that allow for easy access is a problem of the past.

There are many more, but I'm still exploring. New Visions Cloud Lab has a larger list and many great tutorials to walk you through the process. Give scripts a whirl and you'll love their many uses!

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