Google Forms Never Looked so Good with "Super Quiz"

Christmas came early this year. Finally, there is an add on that allows me to do the following with google forms:
  • Grade responses as they come in. This was done before with "Flubaroo" which was great, but you had to run the add on after all the responses came in. Super quiz does it in real time with enhanced efficiency and patterns of sub-topics. 
  • Send personalized quiz reports. Before, I used "Autocrat" to merge fields from spreadsheets in google docs, but I had to make the docs, make sure the fields were mapped correctly with merge tags, and it was a little clunky at times. 
  • Assign review activities which students received via email. On the old version of sheets, "Formmule" did this task but one had to write the formula, copy the code and install form mule. 
This does it all; and the best part, it's so easy. Here's a little tutorial to get you started!

This is how the tool looks like as an "entry interview" with my sixth graders.


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