3 Literacy Activities for any Subject!

Our ESL department rocks. They led us on a whole morning of inservice back in early September and so many of their activities that they shared, I'm doing very systematically. What's best, most of these are pretty "short" so they're easy to use as a versatile warm-up and can be tailored to fit any discilipline and any age.

In this activity, students read a passage and then either in pairs or groups share 3 things they learned, 2 things they found interesting and 1 question they have.

Tell a Friend
For this, the teacher puts a quote or passage on the overhead but with some academic language underlined. With a partner, they "tell a friend" a translation of the passage using more friendly, easy-speak vocabulary that they would use to talk to a friend.

Vocabulary Slam
After finding a passage of text that fits your content for a particular lesson, paste it into the AWL highlighter website and then submit it to identify a list of academic word lists that students should practice using. Here is a sample google doc with spaces for class collaboration or small group discussion, feel free to steal!

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