3 Websites to Learn How Connected the World Really Is


I learned about tweetping at the first Vietnam Tech Conference two years ago, and it never fails to inspire me with a sense of awe. When you visit, you immediately see tweets from Twitter in real time by:

  • Continent
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions (@)

Over 7,000 tweets in a few minutes. Image courtesy of Tweetping

My awesome MS principal Molly introduced this to us at our last staff meeting. Hatnote gives a tone to all real time changes that are made on "wikipedia" with a melodious cacophony of sound. The differences of sounds are as follows:

  • "Bells" are when people add content and "stringed" sound are when editors take away content
  • Pitch is due to edits and the longer and deeper the tone, the more more grand the edit was
  • Purple circles to made by bots and green the undocumented users
You can select which countries' wikipedia amendments you want to listen to, and can select up to 33 different countries' wikipedia pages. It brought up many questions at our staff meeting such as "who is deciding what the bots should amend?" It's the sound of change, collaboration and crowdsourcing and yet makes one feel relaxed and inspired. 

Hatnote sounds and bubble in real time. Image courtesy of Hatnote

Flight 24 Radar

Flight 24 shows you what real time flight is like around the world complete with an airplane flight number, and location. Zoom in and out to identify traffic patterns, hubs and regions with high amounts of travellers.

Airplane locations during flights in real time. Image courtesy of Flight 24


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