Presentation Tools to Use This Year

Allowing Audience Questioning in Google Slides
Google slides has a nice feature that allows the audience to ask questions while the speaker is presenting. This is a nice feature because it adds to audience engagement as they can non only ask questions, but "vote" for questions pop up in the question feed that the presenter can respond to based on popularity or interest.

After clicking "Present" select "Presenter View" in the lower left hand corner. 

When this prompt comes, select "Start Now"

Viewers will see questions which can be posted with identify or anonymously. 

Teachers can respond to questions as needed. 

Air Server and Air Play to Present from the Ipad
Gone are they days when plugging the Ipad into the dongle and being forced to present from the projection cable. Air Server allows you to mirror the Ipad on your computer which can be plugged in, but allow you to roam around the room and interact with the audience.

After installing on both your computer and Ipad, scan QR Code to sync devices.

After enabling at the bottom of your Ipad, you're free to roam around the class and teach!

Splashtop to Control your Desktop from Mobile Device
Splashtop allows you to control your desktop from your mobile device. After installing it on your Ipad, go to the splashtop website and install the software onto your computer.
When Splashtop is activated, it will look for computers that have it installed. 

Controlling the computer from the mobile device.


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