Search for Free to Use Music in "Youtube"

I've been working on a highlights video for our Grade 6 Experiential Education trip that we did last week and no matter how many free sound effects Final Cut has, and were searchable on Creative Commons and Soundcloud, my video was lacking some great music that the kids would appreciate.

Youtube's Free Use Audio Library

Click on your channel in the upper left corner and select "Video Manager"
To access the free use audio library in youtube, you'll have to dig deep. After going to your channel click on the upper left and find your video manager. From that, go to creator studio and go down to the audio library and music policies tab. From here you can search youtube's data base from their audio library and find information about which songs are "ok" to use.

The audio library shows songs that are popular and what their use policy is on youtube.

For instance, if I want to know if you can use the song "This is what you came for" by Rihanna and Calvin Harris, youtube shows you that it will be blocked in 244 countries, so "no". However, Justin Bieber's "Sorry" will be fine everywhere except Germany. 

This is a fantastic place to search for and find easy to use music that even students can understand. I was told that this feature has been available for over a year and a few people in our tech department have just learned about this. Isn't that the case with all things Edtech?

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