I learned about instaGrok at a workshop a few weeks ago and finally I had the chance to sit down and explore it as a learning tool. InstaGrok is a web tool that makes connections, spits out visual images videos, quizzes, books and a host of other resources related to a querie of a search topic.

I typed in "plants" and instantly had a visual display with a number of topics related to plants. Clicking on each related topic brings up more topics, etc.

In addition to this, instaGrok produced an immediate quiz that students can do. If their answer is incorrect "red" it indicates the correct answer in "green"

There is also a host of "key facts".

If students sign up, they can make some notes in an online journal which they can then link up to any learning platform that your school might be using:

InstaGrok is a great tool for formative assessment, brainstorming, activating prior knowledge or group think.

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