Lunch in the Park with Rational Numbers

The seventh graders have just had lunch in the park. This was our culminating project in our rational numbers unit in math. Math has so many practical applications and it's great when students have the opportunity to practice their skills in real world settings. I love it when students ask me: "What will we use this for? " and "Why do we have to learn this?" This is the hardest question that a teacher gets asked, but I like it, as it is important to always have relevance in mind when undertaking all educational objectives. As we have come to the end of our unit on "rational numbers" I designed an investigation with Ms. Cuthbertson and Mr. Elshoff to integrate some strands from health class into ones with math class to develop a rational numbers project involving shopping, the food pyramid, and of course, rational numbers. Students have to plan a meal around a healthy eating %, shop for a meal and stay within their budget and calculate differences involving rational numbers. See a project overview below:   Rational Numbers Project Rubric

We took all 66 seventh graders over to "Citimart" during "D Block" on Monday. The students planned a meal around the food pyramid and tried to proportionally build this meal around a group budget of 300,00 dong. Afterwards, students put their creation together and had lunch in the park.  

The kids had such a great time and the experience really brings learning to life. Where do we use math in our daily lives? Every time we go shopping! Some testimonials: Noah: "It was fun to learn and see how our budget added up."

MK: "It was inspiring to share and work with other people."

David: "It was fun discussing what we had to buy with our friends."

Doanh: "It was fun because our class got our and experienced a different style of learning."

Adam: "It was good to have a budget and it taught me how to use money and a budget better."

Seo Yoon: "It was fun, but the food was not that tasty. I will appreciate my mother so much more when she makes me lunch in the morning."

Soo Mi: "It was fun. It was fun shopping with others around."

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