Silk Slides

I just finished piloting 'silk slides'. Silk slides takes a slide show and turns it into a more collaborative experience online. I usually use "slideshare" to upload powerpoints for embedding like below, but taking in the information is a little "passive learning".

 With Silk Slides, you upload a slideshow and it gives you a URL. The students don't even need a username and account. They go to the URL that is spit out after an upload. You can pepper a slideshow with questions that students can comment on with each other and read each others comments.

The sample was a discussion prompt that I had at the end of my lesson on comparing plant and animal cells.

With "Silk Slides" students get to comment around the prompts, images and there is immediate feedback from every student.

The only real downside I see with silk slides are that there are some formatting issues that don't align perfectly after an upload. Other than that, it's worth a whirl.

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