Comparing Zaption and Edpuzzle

I have been using "Zaption" for video content and assessment and decided to try "Edpuzzle" to compare the two.

The Edpuzzle Dashboard
Edpuzzle, (like Zaption) has a dashboard that tracks whether my students have engaged with video content and all their scores on formative assessment questions. I can reset their score in the far right column and see their completion and score from each question.

What My Students Said
My students didn't like Edpuzzle as much as Zaption. Apparently, it's harder to start and stop Edpuzzle videos as opposed to Zaption. Edpuzzle has a specific button to start and stop videos whereas with Zaption, the user can just click on the screen. Also, Edpuzzle doesn't allow for "mastery" learning as if students get an answer wrong, they're forced to go on. Zaption allows students to get an answer correct before moving on to the next question.

This last point was a contentious one for my students and I as well as their teacher. With Edpuzzle, when students come to a question, they cannot go back in the video and watch the corresponding sequence again. On one hand, it forces them to pay attention, but on the other hand, what if they were "nodding off" and need to go back and review material?

From the Teacher's Perspective
Both allow the same analytics, but Zaption has more with their dashboard. One advantage that Edpuzzle has is the ability to "trim" videos which I really like. Both are exportable to "Google Classroom".

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