Video Assessment with Zaption

If you use videos to deliver content, Zaption can help you manage student viewership and give you analytics on questions you assign within the video. Here is a video that I made for a recent lesson "Earth's Seasons"


As you see, you can embed zaption videos on a site or send it to student via a link. What I like best about Zaption that didn't come with some other video platforms I've used before is that Zaption will tell the teacher if students have: A.) Watched the Video and B.) Told their score. This has remarkable applications for helping with workflow and here are some of the other analytical views:

Lesson analytics show average scores, time to view and how many viewed.

The thing I like the most about Zaption is that it can be assigned through Google classroom and students are given reminders of assignment due dates so they'll know if something is overdue.

"Viewers" shows average score and time to view. 


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