Randomly Pick Kids with "Kidpicker"

"So, do you have a schedule for when students participate? How do you pick kids randomly that isn't biased or unfair? Some teachers know that certain students don't like to talk in groups so how to get them to participate?" 

I heard this a lot from teachers. Strategies or systems have ranged from drawing names out of a hat to having Popsicle sticks with names. Personally, I like "kidpicker" which randomizes drawing of student names for discussion tasks, or group work.

The kidpicker app that you can bookmark. Periods or class appear in the drop down menu

Kid Picker
Kidpicker is a google apps script developed by Andrew Stillman and you can see the link here. Upon visiting, you can install the script in your Google Account which sets up a spreadsheet in your Google Drive that you can populate with names if you have multiple classes or want to randomize from smaller pools of students.

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